Rumor: Ant Man Will Screen at SDCC


Ant Man Screen SDCCMarvel may be skipping SDCC this year, but a rumor is gaining steam that Ant Man will screen during the convention.

The movie opens nationwide the week following San Diego Comic Con, so it wouldn’t be shocking if they held a screening during the show. How people would get in is the big question as these sorts of things are usually mobbed by everyone trying to get into a free movie.

Universal famously led the Hall H crowd in a line down to the Gaslamp to see a free showing of Scott Pilgrim, but since there’s no Marvel Studios panel in Hall H this year that won’t be happening for Ant Man. Most likely it’ll be a low-key thing that you’ll have to pay close attention to gossip to get into.

Right now this is just a rumor, but there are Ant Man/SDCC banners going up around downtown San Diego already. As Marvel doesn’t have a big presence for their movies there, those banners are pretty telling with this rumor of an Ant Man screening. So if you’re attending SDCC next month and want to see Ant Man early, pay close attention to what people are saying about a screening and you may just be able to get in.