Details on SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire


EA E3The latest expansion for SWTOR, Knights of the Fallen Empire, will raise the level cap to 65 and add more story. Even with Battlefront taking up much of the attention at E3 this week, there is a lot of info out for the new expansion.

In raising the level cap to 65, each of the eight classes will be given more story to play through. Early leaks from the SWTOR site said it would be a twelve-part adventure, and it appears at least the first nine chapters will be available when the expansion launches. There will also be new companions to go along with you on the new story line.

If you don’t already play The Old Republic and want to jump right into Knights of the Fallen Empire, you can start as a level 60 character called The Outlander. It doesn’t sound like this is a new class, but a persona that can be applied to any of the other classes in the game. We’ll probably know more about that from E3 this week.

BioWare is also doing the subscriber rewards again leading up to the expansion release. They include a companion, blaster, duster coat, and speeder. Those who remain subscribed for all four months and collect all four rewards get early access to the expansion when it launches this October.