Arkham Knight\’s Batmobile Edition Cancelled


batmobile edition cancelled

Five days before launch, and when the other Limited Edition is well sold out, WB Games has cancelled the $200 Batmobile Edition of Arkham Knight.

People who pre-ordered the special edition in the US are receiving emails from Gamestop, while pre-orders on Amazon are now not showing a release date. Those who ordered it from Amazon will likely receive an email about the cancellation later today.

The scummy thing about this is that they decided to announce the cancellation right in the middle of E3. They’re shoving this very negative news out there when the majority of the gaming press are distracted and can’t report on it. Even worse the Twitter account of Project Triforce (who made the Batmobile) is just spamming people with a generic cut & paste response with no real answers.

If WB had cancelled this elaborate special edition a month ago, people would’ve probably still been able to get the other edition that includes a Batman statue. At this point, five days before launch, they just screwed some of their most loyal fans and are forcing them to settle for the standard edition.