UPDATED: The Day Reddit Died (Reddit Bans Us)


UPDATE 7/1/2015
Reddit has retaliated against us by handing down a site-wide ban to furiousfanboys.com due to this article being critical of Ellen Pao’s actions on the site.

This post explains that the domain is soft-banned from the site following what we wrote below:

FYI, it appears that there’s a sitewide soft ban on this site. It got auto-removed when I submitted it, and I had to manually approve it.

Basically it means links from this site won’t show up and are dumped in the spam queue. This only started happening after the below article was written.

Those who have been around the internet for a while remember Digg and that fateful day a couple years ago when they threw away the old model and instead focused on whoever paid them the most to have their content featured. Based on the the actions of interim Reddit CEO, many are seeing this past Wednesday as a repeat of what happened to Digg and are saying it’s the day Reddit died.

For those unfamiliar with the site, Reddit is basically a news aggregator that really picked up the slack from when Digg died. While there was moderation on the sub forums (or subreddits), most of the time it was only used to prevent spam and stuff like that. People could be “Shadowbanned” which still allowed them to read and post, but no one could see what they wrote. Yet, Reddit was like the Wild West. Everything had a sub, and I mean everything. As long as it wasn’t grossly illegal you could probably find a sub to fit whatever you were in to.

This included things that many people would be offended by, including racism, sexism, and whatever. But most of Reddit knew these subs existed, but most didn’t pay attention to them as the site was built on the sort of free-wheeling free speech that the internet itself is based on. Of course the internet has horribly racist sites out there, but people have that right to be incredibly stupid in their opinions without big brother slamming the muzzle on them. But that’s exactly what has now happened on Reddit.

Money is of course at the center of this. Reddit was recently purchased by Conde Nast, and then Ellen Pao found her way into the interim CEO position. Once she was in the seat she immediately implemented a Communist China crackdown on any ideas or opinions that ran against her warped sense of what’s right. You’re no longer allowed to say what you think on Reddit, you now have to check your privilege against what Ellen Poe believes. If you don’t, she or her legion of loyal subjects will Shadowban you to silence any thought you have that runs contrary to what they think.

This all started with the banning of several subs that Reddit claimed were hateful, including /r/FatPeopleHate which had more than 150,000 subscribers. The hilarious thing about all this is that Reddit claims they’re only banning behavior, not ideas, when every user on the site sees that as a lie. Following those sub bannings Reddit continued to almost randomly ban subs that they thought were offensive. Want a laugh? They actually banned a sub for whale watching (you now, when people go out on the ocean to see whales) because they thought it was mean to fat people.

Of course this mass censorship of Reddit has caused a meltdown. Users are urging people to NOT buy Reddit Gold and use adblockers while using the site. They’ve also rounded up damning evidence why Ellen Pao has absolutely no business being CEO of Reddit.

This post (which I’ve archived in case she deletes it) presents several examples such as the ponzi scheme she and her husband were involved in, as well as her failed lawsuits for gender discrimination. This post (also archived incase Mao..er..Pao deletes it) provides even more detail. Then there’s a huge Vanity Fair piece on her and her husband.

Even more hilarious is how Ellen Pao doesn’t even know how to post on Reddit. The other night she tried to post a private message of hers (that only she could read) as a post in /r/FaithInHumanity. She then proceeded to get her own post Reddit Gold, and then proceeded to Shadowban every poster who laughed at her attempt to operate the site she’s in charge of running.

While online petitions rarely have any effect, there is a petition on Change.org to remove Ellen Pao. I’d say sign it, the worse she could do is Shadowban your Reddit account to censor your voice against her.

Just as Reddit soaked up almost all of the Digg power users when that site died, we can only hope that a Reddit alternative will come to do the same in this situation.

UPDATE: It appears Voat.co could be the new alternative to Reddit!