Common is Playing Tattooed Man in Suicide Squad


Tattooed Man Suicide SquadWhen Common was cast in Suicide Squad there were a lot of rumors as to who he could be playing, but now we know it’s Tattooed Man.

While some were betting he was Bronze Tiger and others were hoping for Aquaman villain Black Manta, new set photos reveal he’s the Tattooed Man:

#SuicideSquad? More like #TattooSquad! Here’s your first look at Common in character:

— (@BatmanNewsCom) June 11, 2015


A villain from Green Lantern, Tattooed Man doesn’t just have normal tattoos. They’re special in that they come to life and he uses them in combat. It’s an interesting character to use in Suicide Squad, and the idea of “living” tattoos would give him an cool-looking power in the DC Cinematic Universe.