First Look at Mulder & Scully in The X-Files Revival!



Just released via Fox’s social media accounts for The X-Files is this first look at Mulder and Scully in character in the X-Files Revival!

There has been a lot of teasing from both actors over the last week as filming was ramping up, and today this is the first official look at the duo who haven’t been seen since 2008’s “I Want to Believe” was sent to die up against The Dark Knight. Just seeing the two in character should be enough to get X-Files fans excited.

The six-episode return of one of the greatest television shows ever is currently filming in Canada. Recently we learned that the second episode of the season may be a return to the scariest X-Files episode ever, Home.

Fox will begin airing the six episodes of the revival on Sunday, January 24th after the NFC Championship game. The remaining five episodes will then air Monday nights.