Why The Force Awakens Could Be Hated More Than The Phantom Menace


force-awakens-hated-phantom-menaceThere’s a major controversy brewing among Star Wars fans, and when it erupts it will result in this year’s The Force Awakens being hated more than The Phantom Menace by a segment of the fan base. I’ve written on this before, but it’s becoming very apparent that some people are adamant about filming The Force Awakens in their heads, and when the true movie is seen the last fifteen years of Prequel bashing will be nothing compared to the venom fans will spew at JJ Abrams online.

The key to all this is that the entire movie is known, but people do not want to believe what they read in the spoilers. They want to believe the movie they are making up in their heads because to them it sounds cooler than what Abrams and Kasdan came up with for the first episode of the Sequel Trilogy. These people refuse to accept the truth and would rather entertain fan fiction just because it sounds cooler to them.

Star Wars fans don’t have to look any further than the large Star Wars discussion boards online. TheForce.net’s Jedi Council is probably the biggest, and spend any time in The Force Awakens spoiler board and you can see this brewing. When people read the real spoilers (of what was actually shot in the movie) they reject it and hatch elaborate “misinformation” theories that then spread to other sites who tell their readers to avoid the sites posting “misinformation”.

On the other hand, when someone makes up a throw-away Reddit account and spends two hours hosting a fake “AmA” where they tell these people what they WANT to hear, they believe every word the guy says. And that will cause just as much damage as the actual movie will to fans, and if anything it’ll just enhance it.

Someone pretending to work on the movie and doing a two-hour Q&A on Reddit where he spews fan fiction about Luke being in the movie for two hours and having epic fights gets people excited for something they want to see, but not what they’ll actually see in the movie. It’s building up false anticipation when the actual movie will crush what they have in their head, and then they’ll go and curse JJ Abrams for the next fifteen years and accuse him of raping their childhood because he didn’t read their minds and make their Luke fan fiction into Star Wars Episode VII.

Look, The Force Awakens is going to be an awesome Star Wars movie. Every time I go over the entire thing from the beginning to end I get a big smile on my face over how it’s all resolved. How the Original Trilogy cast is used in the movie works extremely well, and the finale is easily one of my favorite endings of all seven Star Wars films. Don’t worry, Abrams and Kasdan made an awesome new Star Wars movie…even if it doesn’t match what you imagined.

Maybe if they chose to call the movie “Star Wars: The Search for Luke” people would be more accepting of what actually happens in the movie. Then again, there are just some people so entrenched in thirty-two year old fan fiction about what a Sequel Trilogy SHOULD be that they’ll automatically reject the real movies because it doesn’t match what they made up in their heads.

It happened with The Phantom Menace, and it’ll happen again.