James Cameron Praises Terminator Genisys


James Cameron Praises Terminator Genisys

Terminator fans know that James Cameron has an interesting history with the sequels in the franchise, and now he’s come out to praise Terminator Genisys.

When Terminator 3 was coming out, Cameron recorded an audio commentary for T2: Judgement Day and after the “I’ll be back” line he made a swipe to T3 saying something like “Sounds better than she’ll be back”, which was a knock against the female Terminator in that movie. After the release of the movie he softened on it a bit, saying “in one word: great” about it. But then Terminator: Salvation changed his tune again and he said that his movies (the first two) were the better ones of the series, which every fan agrees with.

Now the makers of Terminator Genisys showed the movie to Cameron, and they captured his positive reaction to it in a new featurette about the movie. There’s some really good new footage in here and the CGI version of the 1984 Arnold Terminator looks a thousand times better than the crappy one in Terminator: Salvation.

I’m still cautiously optimistic about this: