5 MAJOR Force Awakens SPOILERS You Don\’t Want to Be True (But Are)



It’s hard to believe that we’re now only six months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At this point in the spoiler game, the entire movie is basically out there and known if you want it. When the major spoilers about the movie began to hit the Star Wars fanbase, some were met with extreme resistance. In fact, one spoiler was so disappointing to fans that they even began to spew death threats to the guy who brought it to light.

What are these Force Awakens spoilers that fans don’t want to be true? We’ve listed them here, but be warned there are a couple in here that are MAJOR SPOILERS. Those two are saved for the end, and there is enough warning before you get to them. These are the five major Episode VII spoilers the people don’t want to be true (but are):

The Empire Wasn’t Defeated in Return of the Jedi

Episode VII Spoilers

The idea that after the second Death Star was destroyed the Empire and Rebellion shook hands and there was peace in the galaxy is a concept from the Expanded Universe that needed to go away. After all, the franchise is called Star WARS. The recently published book Tarkin explains well how the Empire was built to survive Palpatine’s death, as those around him knew it was only a matter of time before he blew himself up in some crazy Sith experiment. No, the Empire didn’t go away after the Death Star II was destroyed. It lived on, in a different form, and that’s why you see Stormtroopers and other familiar things in the trailers for The Force Awakens.