Theory: What the New Character in Star Wars #6 Could Mean (SPOILERS)


Sana SoloThis week issue number 6 of Marvel’s Star Wars was released, and it introduces a new character that could mean some big things for the franchise.

At the end of the issue the mysterious character who was shadowing the Falcon over the last couple issues was introduced, and she calls herself Sana Solo. She claims to be Han’s wife, which opens up some very interesting theories. Since most people are theorizing she may have a connection to the new Star Wars movies, that opens up a couple of ideas:

  • Some time after Return of the Jedi, Han and Leia split up. Han meets up with Sana again and they end up having a kid, who turns out to be Finn in The Force Awakens. This would make Finn and Rey (if she is a solo) half-siblings and mirror the Luke/Leia relationship from the Original Trilogy.
  • Another possibility is that Sana is Finn’s mother, but Han isn’t his father. We know that Han takes to Finn after he learns something about him while they’re on the Falcon. It’s possible that Han learns that Finn is the son of Sana, which is why Han looks after him and mentors him the way he does in The Force Awakens.

While both are just theories, they make a bit more sense than just slapping the Calrissian name on Finn to make him Lando’s son.

Sana Solo could turn out to have no connection to The Force Awakens, but most things Lucasfilm has been doing in the new canon have a purpose. The novel Tarkin came out to explain to people how the Empire could survive after Return of the Jedi and the death of Palpatine, for example. So they’re not really just making major throwaway characters, stuff added to the new canon has a reason, and Sana Solo may have a part of play in the future of Star Wars.