Fallout 4 is Revealed


Fallout 4 RevealedAfter making the game official yesterday Bethesda has revealed Fallout 4, and it’ll only appear on PC and current-gen consoles.

The official site, fallout4.com, went live an hour early and included the screen you see above. There was also a YouTube video, but it was quickly set to private. In addition it shows box art for the game on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One…calming fears from some that it would be a cross-gen game.

We still don’t know much about the setting of the game, as the first screen doesn’t give away much aside from it definitely looking like Fallout 4. Some people managed to get a quick look at the video before it went private and it showed a figure in a trench coat standing in a dark city street, as well as some more familiar Fallout style locations. Hopefully the video will reveal more when it goes live.
Fallout 4 Revealed
After this reveal we’ll get a better look at Fallout 4 when Bethesda holds their first ever E3 press conference on Sunday, June 14th.

Here’s the video from the official site, it will be marked as private until 7:00am Pacific: