Rumor: Disney Clamping Down on Star Wars Leaks (TOO LATE!)


Star Wars Too LateA new rumor has come out saying that Disney is going to be bringing the hammer down on Star Wars (and Marvel) leaks from within the company.

The rumor comes from Twitter user G@BRIELGR@Y (his tweets are protected) who says Disney has implemented “restrictive and devious measures introduced to combat departments that consistently dribble”. Further he claims several Marvel employees have been fired over the last few weeks, presumably connected to leaking stuff out.

Honestly this is a bit late for them to be doing this. Sure, toys are beginning to leak out (the new 6″ Stormtrooper is on eBay) and more marketing materials will likely materialize, but the entire movie is out there.

If you really want to know what happens in The Force Awakens, there’s a synopsis of the entire plot you can read that basically spoils the entire thing. Trying to clamp down on leaks after the entire movie has already been spoiled is a bit backwards.

Maybe it will affect future movies such as Rogue One and Episode VII, but if Disney is digging in the wrong place those who want to find and leak the treasure will still do so.