Kevin Smith Wants to Make a Question Movie


Kevin Smith Question MovieWith DC’s Cinematic Universe kicking off, everyone wants to see their favorite character on the big screen, and Kevin Smith wants to do The Question.

Smith told THR:

“I always thought if you were in an alley and f—ing Batman showed up you’d be like, ‘Oh f—, Batman.’ But if a dude shows up with no features and starts punching you, you would probably kill yourself in fear”

I’ve seen a lot of people online today laughing at this idea, likely based on Smith’s sillier movies, but he’d actually be great for a DC Cinematic Universe movie. He’s a long time comic writer, and his stints on both Daredevil and Green Arrow are regarded as great runs. His run on the former, especially, revived the character in the comics and if it weren’t for his tenure on the book it’s doubtful we’d even see an Arrow TV series.

Smith also hosts the best Batman podcast (Fatman on Batman), so he knows the DC world very well. The only question is if he’d go with the Vic Stone or Montoya version of the character. I’d imagine that DC, if they were to ever do this, would want the Montoya one for the Batman connection.