The Force Awakens Will Release in Europe First



Over the weekend some release dates for The Force Awakens in Europe began to leak out, showing it would release there first.

This actually caused some drama in the online Star Wars community as the people who were finding these release dates on official Disney sites for their regions began to send them to bloggers in the US. One Star Wars blogger began blocking people sending him the dates, refusing the believe that the new Star Wars would release anywhere other than the US first. But this sort of release is the way Hollywood does things in 2015.

So far these are the European Force Awaken release dates that are known:

Italy: December 16th
Sweden: December 16th
Germany: December 17th
Denmark: December 17th
Russia: December 25th
Spain: December 25th

Additionally the date for Singapore came out and it’s December 17th there as well.

Early international releases happen for a lot of reasons, but they happen with every single big-budget movie that’s released these days. For example, Avengers: Age of Ultron was released internationally a full week before it hit the US. Acting like the US is entitled to get Star Wars first, and then blocking fans on Twitter giving you real release dates that show differently, is the wrong way to act as a Star Wars “fan”.