RUMOR: Early Details on The Force Awakens Score (MAJOR SPOILERS)


I’m labeling this as a MAJOR SPOILER as it pertains to how The Force Awakens ends. If you don’t want to be spoiled with the final scene of the movie, do not read this.

We’ve known for a while that John Williams would be recording the score for The Force Awakens soon, and now some rumored details on themes have come out.

Take this with a huge grain of salt as this comes from StarWars7News’ Cantina forum, and there are people there who admit to making up completely bogus Episode VII stuff to create the movie they want to see in their own heads. However this post includes some details about the themes being used that mesh with what’s known about the movie:

Apparently, there is a theme (for a person, place or thing (think Force Theme, Leia’s theme etc.)) that appears throughout the score in three different variations. One is very bold, brave and sort of heroic, one is very mild and careful, and one is dark and written in a minor scale, leaning towards the feeling of Imperial March.
Perhaps this is a theme for Han Solo, and also Rey and Kylo, all of them being Solos?

The last piece of the score is said to be Luke’s theme, starting small and slowly building up – ending in a grandiose piece with the entire orchestra, before launching off into the familiar End Titles.

For a while now it’s been known that Luke only appears in two scenes in the movie. The first is a flashback scene shown in the most recent teaser trailer, and the second is the final scene in the film when Rey completes the quest of the movie and meets him.

There has been a lot of resistance to this, so much so that MakingStarWars received death threats over it, but it’s true. That’s how they filmed the movie, and these theme details correspond to that.

When I first was told how the movie plays out, and when I heard the ending it put a huge smile on my face. It’s the perfect ending to the movie that’s pretty much the search for Luke Skywalker. The way the ending theme is described in that post is very believable, and I can’t wait to hear John Williams knock it out of the park.