Star Wars Anthology 2 Still Set For 2018


Star Wars AnthologyWhen Josh Trank was removed from the second Star Wars Anthology, Hollywood trades claimed that the movie has been delayed until 2019. That would of course clash with the Episode IX release date. News out of a Disney expo in Brazil states that the company has Star Wars Anthology 2 still set for a 2018 release.

According to the Pixar Brazil Blog, Disney held their two-day Sao Paulo Disney Expo 2015 and they revealed a timeline of all of the company’s film releases through 2019. The second Star Wars Anthology is clearly listed as 2018 still:
Star Wars Anthology 2 Still Set For 2018

The only question is if it’ll be a a Summer 2018 release (along with Avengers: Infinity War Part 1) or if they’ll take the extra time and release it in December. With the previous rumors of a delay, a December release would be believable if it came to that. It wouldn’t be shocking if they mirrored the Rogue One release by doing the second Anthology in December 2018 and followed it up with Episode IX in May 2019.