Rumor: What Josh Trank\’s Star Wars Would\’ve Been


Josh Trank Shadows of the Empire

UPDATE! We’ve been able to prove that Josh Trank’s 4chan postings were FAKE! Click here for the evidence.

Earlier this week, Josh Trank went to 4chan and proceeded to rant against everyone attacking him over his Fantastic Four. We know those posts are probably real, as 20th Century Fox is now sending out DMCA takedown notices to any site posting the story. When that happens it just confirms what they want to have removed usually is the real deal. If those 4chan posts were confirmed to be real, that means Trank’s ideas for his Star Wars movie were as well.

Josh Trank wanted to make his Star Wars film be a direct sequel to Shadows of the Empire.

To not get in trouble with Fox, we won’t cut & paste what he said about Star Wars, but this is what his idea for his Star Wars: Anthology would be:

  • Tank says there’s only one Star Wars for him, and that’s the Original Trilogy.
  • When the Original Trilogy ended, he enjoyed Shadows of the Empire.
  • His idea for the Star Wars: Anthology he would’ve directed is a sequel to Shadows of the Empire.
  • He imagined it as a cool bounty hunter heist movie where Xizor puts a bounty on Dash’s head, but he breaks out another Bounty├é┬áHunter to fight off IG-88 and deliver Xizor to the hutts.

Trank’s movie was said to have the code-name of “Tin Can”, and then the Hollywood trades claimed it was a Boba Fett movie. The sort of plot Trank talks about could’ve easily be modified for Boba Fett (maybe that’s who Dash teams up with?).

Since he’s been removed from the project we’ll probably never get to see his sequel to Shadows of the Empire.