Rumor: Josh Trank\’s Fantastic Four Rant From 4Chan


Josh Trank 4Chan

UPDATE! We’ve been able to prove that Josh Trank’s 4chan postings were FAKE! Click here for the evidence.

By now most people are aware of the crazy stories coming out about Josh Trank and what happened on Fantastic Four, which lead him being dropped from Star Wars. Earlier this week someone claiming to be Josh Trank went on a defensive rant on 4chan, which photographic evidence that it was him.

For the record, Trank went on Twitter the other night and denied all of this happened, but as the 4Chan thread has now been deleted and based on his past deception about having the flu over Star Wars Celebration…not too many people believe him.

When “Trank” was posting on 4Chan, he included this Reddit-style AmA confirmation photo. The deleted 4Chan thread was here.

A commenter on Reddit saved all of his posts, which we’ll quote below. Be warned, he uses some NSFW language in his posts. It’s a bit long so we split it into two pages.