More Videos of Batman Filming Suicide Squad



After the first video of Batman in Suicide Squad filming came out yesterday, more have hit Instagram and they even give a glimpse of who The Joker’s passenger is.

There’s a couple new videos that give an even better look at what Batman is doing on top of The Joker’s car.

The first video is them setting up for a shot with the car driving slowly past the camera. If you look in the passenger window you can see Harley Quinn there, and if you look at the back of the Batsuit you can see the tracking dots for the CGI cape to be added later:


The second video is much faster as it’s the filming of a scene. If you notice the sparks coming from the top of the car it appears that Batman is trying to cut through the roof to get to The Joker and Harley. He must be really pissed over something:

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! OMG Batman what chu doing?? #SuicideSquad #mrj #capedcrusader #harleyquin

A video posted by Nebula* (@starrrs) on May 28, 2015 at 12:50am PDT