A Cybertron Transformers Prequel is Planned


Transformers Age of Extinction

I know everyone can’t wait for Transformers 5, but there may be a Cybertron Prequel on the way first.

Deadline is reporting that the writers who spent six months re-writing Ant Man for Marvel have joined the Transformers Cinematic Universe and are working on a prequel set on Cybertron called “Transformers One”. They aren’t clear if it’s animated or live action, but if there aren’t any dumb useless human characters tossed in the movie will be animated by default. But knowing how dumb movie studios can be, I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to insert humans into a prequel set on Cybertron.

But wait, there’s more!

They are working on a fifth Transformers movie, and they say that the hope is to have the sequel ready to go when Michael Bay finishes his Benghazi movie. That could mean that Michael Bay will be back to direct a fifth Transformers movie. More Bayhem for everyone!