Why Being Spoiler Free for Star Wars in 2015 is a Myth


Spoiler Free for Star WarsThere’s a myth some people are trying to live by this year where they want to be completely spoiler free for Star Wars. They don’t want to see anything related to the movie at all before they go into a theater this December, but unless these people are planning to move into the wilderness where there’s no internet, stores, or television…they’re living in a delusion. It’s not possible to be completely spoiler free for any movie, especially Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015.

What sparked this article was a leak yesterday of one of the upcoming Force Awakens LEGO sets. While most fans were glad to see it, and it wasn’t really a spoiler as the ship was featured in the second teaser trailer, others freaked out on social media crying that they didn’t want to see anything before going into the theater. The fact is, with the way The Force Awakens will be marketed and plastered everywhere beginning September 4th, that simply isn’t possible anymore.

Most of the time these people say they want to recreate the feeling they had when they were kids and saw the original movies in theaters for the first time. But again, this isn’t possible due to 2015 being a vastly different type of world than 1977 was. The way movies are marketed and entertainment is consumed has changed in so many ways in the last thirty-eight years that by the time The Force Awakens is in theaters this December, even the most spoiler-phobic person will have seen key characters and things from the film.

When the original movies were released, there was no internet and merchandise wasn’t even close to what it is today. For the original Star Wars, the first wave of action figures weren’t even available until after Christmas. That was the famous “I Owe You” year where kids got a box promising the figures would be coming later. Movie releases also weren’t on the same scale as they are today. For example, everyone knows Star Wars released on May 25, 1977…but it didn’t hit every city in the country on that day. So it was very possible for someone to go into the movie without knowing anything about it.

Even movie marketing has changed. Back then you could get away without showing anything in a trailer or commercial. I think Jurassic Park in 1993 was the last movie that was able to be a huge success by doing that. Spielberg hid the CGI Dinosaurs from all marketing, so when you saw that first dino on the hill it was amazing. That wouldn’t fly in 2015 with the instant gratification entitlement culture that Hollywood has to market to. Even JJ Abrams’ prized Mystery Box is going to crumble to the media blitz Disney is going to put on for their $4 billion investment this fall.

The leak of the LEGO set was just the beginning. The 6″ Black Series figures are actually hitting eBay right now. A Stormtrooper went up last night, and there’s a rumor that more are coming.

On September 4th, months before the movie arrives in theaters, the toys, books, and other Force Awakens items hit store shelves. You won’t be able to walk into a grocery store, Walmart, or Target without seeing something related to Episode VII. That’s why if you’re afraid of any sort of spoilers for the new Star Wars, you’d better hurry up and rent a remote cabin without internet or television access and live there from September to the opening of the movie. Otherwise you won’t be able to hide from seeing stuff from The Force Awakens before it releases in December.