Gary Whitta is Writing an Episode of Rebels


lando-rebels-idiot-arrayGary Whitta, the writer removed from Star Wars Rogue One and the same guy who hates every bit of Star Wars post-1983, is writing an episode of Rebels.

Whitta announced the news via a Tweet:

Gary Whitta Rebels

For those unfamiliar with Whitta, he’s the writer who went on a profanity-laced rant against any Star Wars that was produced after 1983 on a video game message board. Once he was hired to write Star Wars: Rogue One, Whitta went through his posts on that board and deleted anything he didn’t want Lucasfilm to see. In January he was removed from the Star Wars: Rogue One project after turning in a first draft. Lucasfilm replaced the Razzie-nominee with Oscar-nominee Chris Weitz who wrote Disney’s recent Cinderella, and he too doesn’t like Episode I that much.