First Image of a Force Awakens LEGO Set Leaks!



The toys are beginning to arrive! Today the first image of a Force Awakens LEGO set has leaked, but don’t worry it’s not a huge spoiler.

Star Wars Underworld got their hands on the image, which is of Kylo Ren’s ship as seen in the second teaser trailer:

The Lego vehicle appears to correspond with an interesting ship we see in the second teaser for the film(above). Lead Villain Vehicle seems imply that this is this personal starship of Kylo Ren, who appears on the packaging for this set and all merchandise related to The Force Awakens.

While there are now piece counts on the leaked packaging, the size of the vehicle means this is likely a higher end set in the $50 to $100 range. I’m sure more LEGO sets will leak out soon, as they tend to be the first things to come out in regards to Star Wars toy leaks.