Rumor: Matthew Vaughn Directed the Fantastic Four Reshoots


fantastic-four-bannerMost people know the story of how Josh Trank was removed from Star Wars resulting from problems on the set of Fantastic Four, and now there’s a rumor that Matthew Vaughn directed the reshoots of that movie.

This rumor comes from, who’s sister-site BatmanNews has a pretty decent track record:

This is where it gets interesting. Superhero News has been informed by a source close to the film’s production that Fantastic Four producer and Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn had assumed the role of director for the new April reshoots that took place. This begs the question of what Trank’s involvement in the entire production is at this point. Most recently, the young director was removed from the second Star Wars Anthology film following rumblings of production issues, indecisiveness and other factors. Having a director of Vaughn’s caliber should restore some faith in the project and keep anticipation high for its August debut.

They say that the movie’s planned 3D conversion has now been cancelled as Fox used that money to pay for the reshoots. I saw the latest trailer in theaters just yesterday while seeing Mad Max a third time, and it is no longer mentioning 3D at all. Even more interesting is the timing of these reshoots. They said they took place in April, at the same time Trank claimed to have the flu. Vaughn is also one of Fox’s favorite directors, so if they wanted someone to jump in and fix the movie he’d likely be at the top of their list.

While Josh Trank is denying this story, it’s a bit hard to trust anything he said after the deception surrounding Star Wars Celebration where he claimed to have the worst flu of his life…when in reality Disney told him not to show up. There are also the rumors of drug problems, which caused his “firing” from Fantastic Four and Star Wars. With that in mind it’s a lot more believable that Fox asked a director they trust to try to fix their big-budget tentpole.

There is also precedence with this sort of thing when it comes to a Josh Trank movie. The exact same thing happened on Chronicle where someone else had to come in and fix the movie, causing many people in Hollywood to say it wasn’t him who made the movie what it was.

Due to all of the evidence supporting this, it’s very hard to believe Trank’s denials.