Marvel Teases the Reboot Comic Universe



Don’t call it a reboot, but today Marvel teased the “all-new all-different” Marvel universe that will show up in comics this fall.

Currently all of Marvel’s comics have been cancelled as the Secret Wars event is going on where the 616 Marvel Universe has collided with the 1610 Marvel Ultimate Universe, wiping out both continuities and leaving Battleworld behind. And you know what? Even though it’s only in the second week of the event, Battleworld has been a ton of fun so far. Doctor Punisher in Battleworld #1 (a mesh of Doctor Strange and Punisher) is so cool many people want to see him survive Secret Wars.

Much like how the storyline jumped forward eight months towards the end of Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers, the timeline will make a similar jump this fall. So when Secret Wars ends, we’ll enter the new Marvel Universe eight months after the end of the summer storyline. What the comics will look like isn’t known yet, but Marvel does says there are hints throughout the Secret Wars titles.