CBS\’s Supergirl Pilot Leaks Online



Much like The Flash before it, the full pilot for CBS’s Supergirl has leaked online.

Variety confirms that the leak started showing up on torrent trackers around 3:00am EDT, and unlike The Flash pilot leak this one is a full 1080P HD version without any visible watermarks.

Of course we won’t link to or review the leaked pilot, but most people reading internet sites know where to find such things. For some sites to take a holier than thou attitude over the leak by pretending people don’t wildly download things like Game of Thrones episodes is insulting their reader’s internet intelligence. With this show in the wild, we’ll probably see an official screening of the pilot at SDCC…when most of the fans in the audience had already seen it.

If you want a peek at the pilot (legally) CBS recently released a six-minute trailer for the show.