SPOILERS: The Entire Movie of The Force Awakens is Detailed



For about the last six months or so there have been bits and pieces about the plot of The Force Awakens coming out from MakingStarWars.net. Now the entire movie, from opening scene to the credits, has been detailed in one massive post compiling all of the spoilers posted so far.

Today MakingStarWars.net posted a compilation that was done by a poster on the Jedi Council Forums by the name of DarthLightlyBruise. This is what Jason at MSW says about the compilation:

What follows below is an edited synopsis DarthLightlyBruise did based on rumors from this site. I think it is a fun read and worth sharing. I did a slight edit on a few things to best reflect the scenes which were shot last Summer at Pinewood Studios. This lays out the entire film and I suggest not reading it if you find “spoilers” ruin movies for you. Please be cool and do not ruin the movie for anyone out there that doesn’t want to know these things. That means being responsible on social media and taking into account who might be reading your posts or what a retweet might mean in certain instances. If you’re on MakingStarWars.net you probably feel that spoilers enhance the movie experience. However, not everyone agrees with that so we should respect their right to be blissfully ignorant of the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While there are still some people out there who will nitpick this synopsis and complain that it isn’t the movie, simply because they don’t like what they see, this is the overall story of The Force Awakens. There are some fans out there who have invented the movie in their head already, and when they find out it’s not a two-hour-long saber battle between Luke and Kylo Ren, they want to kill the messenger.

If you want to know what you’ll see on the big screen on December 18th, you can read the entire synopsis of Star Wars: The Force Awakens right here.