Chris Pratt Denies the Indiana Jones Rumors



In January the internet was going nuts over a rumor that Disney wanted Chris Pratt to be Indiana Jones, and now he’s come out and denied that would be happening.

It was part of GQ’s profile of him where he said:

Pratt was on a four-day hunt on a Texas ranch when his manager and agent called to say that this “fact” had exploded all over the Internet. “And so I came home, and then there was paparazzi asking me about it and people asking me to sign Indiana Jones pictures and Indiana Jones hats,” he says. The truth, as far as he is concerned, is that someone high up at Disney did mention to him a while back that they were picking up the rights to Indiana Jones, to which Pratt commented that his action-adventure card was fairly full.

Most fans were OK with him taking up the fedora and whip, but there were also a some people who wanted someone like Bradley Cooper or Chris Pine as the new Indy. Either way, it seems like it’ll be a long time until we see the next movie in the series according to Lucasfilm.