Simon Pegg Wants to Retire From Geekdom


Simon Pegg Retires from Geekdom

Notorious Prequel hater Simon Pegg, who’s writing Star Trek 3, wants to retire from geekdom because comic book movies are making us stupid.

The actor who has made a career wearing his geekdom on his sleeve in movies (not to mention the cult show Spaced) gave an interview in the Telegraph where he blasts the genre for producing dumb comic book movies:

“Before Star Wars, the films that were box office hits were The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Bonnie and Clyde and The French Connection – gritty, amoral art movies. Then suddenly the onus switched over to spectacle and everything changed.

“Now, I don’t know if that is a good thing. Obviously I’m very much a self-confessed fan of science fiction and genre cinema. But part of me looks at society as it is now and just thinks we’ve been infantilised by our own taste.

“Now we’re essentially all consuming very childish things – comic books, superheroes. Adults are watching this stuff, and taking it seriously!
“It is a kind of dumbing down in a way, because it’s taking our focus away from real-world issues.”

“Films used to be about challenging, emotional journeys or moral questions that might make you walk away and re-evaluate how you felt about… whatever. Now we’re walking out of the cinema really not thinking about anything, other than the fact that the Hulk had a fight with a robot.”

And then he throws in the towel:

“I sometimes feel like I miss grown-up things. And I honestly thought the other day that I’m gonna retire from geekdom. I’ve become the poster child for that generation, and it’s not necessarily something I particularly want to be.”

If Pegg doesn’t want anything to do with geek culture anymore, I say that’s fine. Someone with that attitude towards the genre should just stay out of it instead of complaining. It’s like the people who spend their entire life complaining about a couple of Star Wars movies on the internet, but then pretend like they’re excited about a new one they’ll likely hate as well.