Warcraft\’s Orgrim Revealed


Warcraft Orgrim

Warcraft fans who attended SDCC and BlizzCon have already seen the Orcs, and now an image of Orgrim from the movie has been revealed.

Wired has revealed the above image of one of the star Orcs from next summer’s Warcraft:

“Orgrim’s likeness comes from the masterminds at Industrial Light and Magic, who took concept art from Blizzard Entertainment—creators of the massive World of Warcraft videogame franchise on which Jones’ film is based—and merged it with photographs and scans of Kazinsky to create the orc.”

Wired also has a shot of the 3D model from outside of the movie if you click the link above. As the Orcs play a huge part in the movie they’d have to look very real, and today’s CG allows them to do just that.

The Warcraft movie was originally scheduled to release the same day as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then it was delayed to March 2016. After Batman and Superman set that month as their battleground the movie was again pushed back to June 2016. It’ll be a long wait, but from everything people are saying, Duncan Jones may have made the best videogame movie ever.