RUMOR DEBUNKED: No Third Force Awakens Trailer With Pixar\’s Inside Out


The Force Awakens Teaser 2

::UPDATE:: As we suspected, this rumor was completely bogus. One of the bloggers who attended this meeting contacted me on Twitter today to explain that they really didn’t see a third trailer for The Force Awakens:

@ManaByte @wdwvacationdad We did NOT see a new trailer. Ssn 2 Rebels trailer, which is now showing at SWW though.

— Jamie Greene (@theroarbots) May 19, 2015


He went on to clarify that it really was just the second trailer.

This is a completely unconfirmed and unverified rumor that I’m posting just because it’s starting to pick up some steam on Twitter. In the past there has been things we heard and regretted not posting (the big one was Rian Johnson doing a Star Wars movie), so we’re posting this with the caveat that it could be completely bogus.

The origin of this is from one of the “mommy blogger” meetings Disney tends to hold every couple of months. This is where Disney invites what are called mommy bloggers to a place and show them a movie and some other upcoming Disney things so they can write about them. Disney considers them influencers for their target family audience, so these are usually woman who write about family-related things as well as some Disney travel bloggers that target the same audience as the mommy bloggers.

Disney held one of these meetings about a week ago where they showed the bloggers Pixar’s Inside Out. This wasn’t the first screening of the movie as they showed it at Cinemacon last month, and Disney will usually do fan screenings in New York, Orlando, or Anaheim immediately following the Pixar company screenings. But once they show the mommy bloggers something, it usually comes out.

Today some Tweets appeared talking about a third trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. When I asked the initial guy about it if it was just Teaser 2 he said it wasn’t, but his wife was the one who saw it and she wouldn’t let him talk about it:

To my Star Wars peeps: A week ago Disney showed the third Force Awakens trailer during a screening of Inside Out.

— Bryan Dean (@bry_dean) May 18, 2015


Even though there hasn’t been a single rumor about a third trailer existing, and releasing one just two months later is a bit strange for Star Wars, there are a couple reasons why this could possibly happen:

  • There were scenes for the second trailer that were actually edited in one cut of it that didn’t make it into the final teaser. These included more shots of Poe and Finn, Threepio, and Poe’s X-Wing with BB-8 socketed into it.
  • Pixar movies have a tradition of showing Star Wars trailers with them, after all Star Wars movies are kid’s movies.
  • Disney did say they would be following the Marvel marketing model with Star Wars, and they do tend to do multiple trailers for the Marvel films. There were at least three different trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron for example

Again this could all be bogus and they just showed the bloggers Teaser 2 along with the season 2 trailer for Rebels and the guy’s wife was mistaken that it was a new trailer. Then again, we could be seeing a new teaser for The Force Awakens in just about a month from now.