Marvel Harasses a Fan on Tumblr Over a Civil War Prop Photo


How’s this for scummy? A fan with a simple Tumblr blog is being harassed by Marvel’s legal team over a prop from Captain America: Civil War that she posted.

She posted a piece of paper used as a prop for a funeral that everyone has been seeing via set photos over the last few days. The paper was the invitation for the funeral, and it confirmed that it was for the character everyone suspected. So it wasn’t a huge spoiler to get out, but the photo has called down Marvel’s vultures to harass a fan:

You know how we joke about the Marvel snipers? I just talked to one.

Okay, it was really freaking dumb of my to post that prop from Captain America 3 about the funeral scene they filmed recently. I was excited to break a story. I had read a set report of the filming and I truly thought it was official from Marvel. It wasn’t until I got home from work that I saw the report was not from Marvel.

Problem is, the post had over 5000 notes. Today it has over 12,000 notes. People were saving the photos and reposting it as their own. Even after I deleted it, I’m still registering notes from it. But since I deleted it, I was good right? Right?


They found my email. Marvel somehow found my email. They sent me a “take this down or else” email. I talked with their legal guy through email and then on the phone about this. I’m not in trouble, but Marvel is not happy about this.

I take full blame on this. It was an honest mistake. Trying to get my writing career going, I was trying to break a story. It was a terrible mistake.

Marvel doesn’t mess around.

Spread this please. If you have the photo of the funeral program, take it down. Tell others to take it down. They’re not messing around on this one.

Seriously? Threatening someone on Tumblr via email and phone calls? Marvel you are scumbags trying to scare fans into compliance. Spread this around so that everyone can see how evil Marvel is being right now.