Max Max: Furiosa Confirmed by George Miller!


Mad Max: Furiosa

If it wasn’t enough that Max Mad: Fury Road is blowing people away in theaters this week, Director George Miller today confirmed the sequel is coming…one that will likely feature Furiosa in a big way.

Miller started his Twitter account today, and his very first Tweet will make fans of Fury Road very happy:

Hello Twitter! Thanks for all the kind words written and said about the film. We had a lot of fun making it..and there's more Max to come.

— George Miller (@GMillerMax) May 17, 2015


Originally the intention was to film Max Max: Fury Road and its sequel Mad Max: Furiosa back-to-back. Obviously they only filmed Fury Road, but the script for Furiosa is complete. With this news that a sequel is coming, it’s likely to be Furiosa. Those who have seen Fury Road will know this will feature Charlize Theron’s character in a big way, so those idiots protesting the movie over her had better get over it.

Just the thought of more action like what we saw in Fury Road has me excited. If you haven’t seen the new Mad Max yet, do so as soon as possible (and in 3D). You can read my review of Mad Max: Fury Road here. No date is set for Mad Max: Furiosa yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we get more mind-blowing action on the big screen.