Daniel Craig\’s Role in The Force Awakens Confirmed


The Force Awakens Teaser 2

For a long time there’s been a rumor that Daniel Craig had some kind of cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now the role he plays is confirmed.

In an article at The Washington Post (citing The Sun in the UK) Simon Pegg slipped up and confirmed what some people already knew:

Speaking to The Sun newspaper at the premiere of ‘Man Up’ in London, he said: “I wasn’t a Stormtrooper. Daniel Craig, he was a Stormtrooper.”

Realising his mistake, he quickly admitted: “I shouldn’t have said that.”

When the rumor originally broke some people heard exactly what Pegg said. Craig (and other members of the 007 crew) had “cameos” in the movie as Stormtroopers, but you’d never know it was them because you don’t see their face.