The Flash Just Dropped a Huge Hal Jordan Hint


Flash and Green Lantern

Could Hal Jordan be coming to The Flash sometime soon, with a Green Lantern ring?

That’s what DC fans are buzzing about after a very cool Easter Egg was dropped in last night’s episode of The Flash. The characters go to Ferris Air and Captain Cold comments that it was shut down, and Barry confirms that it was because one of their test pilots vanished. Obviously he’s talking about Hal Jordan who was a test pilot at Ferris before being made a Green Lantern.

This could just be an Easter Egg, but as we saw with Grodd this series doesn’t usually tease fans without it paying off in some awesome way. Since the movie Green Lantern is heavily rumored to be John Stewart, there wouldn’t be any sort of conflict with using Hal on a TV series. And even then, DC sees the movies and television shows as separate universes so what one does generally doesn’t affect the other.

While the Arrowverse is banned from mentioning Gotham or Metropolis, Hal Jordan could be a different matter entirely. Hal and Barry are a common “buddy cop” duo in the comics, so it’ll make a lot of sense to introduce that to the series.

Here’s the clip from last night’s episode: