First Trailer for CBS\’s Supergirl!


CBS has released the first trailer for their Supergirl series that airs on Mondays this fall, and it’s great!

The day after the incredibly dumb “Jem and the Holograms” trailer hit, we get a great look at the new Supergirl series from the producers of The Flash and Arrow. Where Jem completely missed the mark and doesn’t resemble to source material at all, this trailer for CBS’s Supergirl is just about perfect.

This gets the tone of the Supergirl comics perfectly. Superman is a huge presence in the trailer, with lots of references to her cousin, and the series looks to embrace the comic book/scifi nature of the Kryptonian family of comics. Where Batman is always a serious and dark detective story, the Superman and Supergirl comics tell fun and colorful stories with lots of strange scifi villains.

The series will air Mondays at 8:00pm on CBS, and I can’t wait for this to start.