Extended Jurassic World TV Spot Shows the Petting Zoo


Jurassic World Petting Zoo

A new one-minute TV spot has arrived for Jurassic World and it includes a ton of new footage, including a dino petting zoo.

The movie is just a month away, but everything leading up to it has been hinting that Trevorrow has hit this one out of the park. Early buzz even before the trailers was that Universal was very happy with what he pulled off, which was the opposite of what people were saying about Fox and Fantastic Four, the similarities being both movies were being done by rookie directors and the dinosaur one ended up being pretty awesome.

Even cooler is that Tervorrow won’t be going far from SciFi after Jurassic World. He co-wrote a science fiction movie called Intelligent Life and will make it while Spielberg again produces his movie.

Hopefully it has something as cool as the Jurassic World dino petting zoo in it.

Here’s an embed of the trailer from CBR: