The Millennium Falcon is Playable in Battlefront



Even though the game won’t have space battles like previous entries in the series, the Millennium Falcon will be playable in Battlefront. Han’s familiar ship won’t be the only new vehicle you can use, as Snowspeeders and Speeder Bikes can also by controlled by players in the game.

During a Q&A on Reddit, EA’s Community Manager for Battlefront confirmed some vehicles and ships you can pilot, including the Millennium Falcon:

6.) Can you name a vehicle that can be piloted other than the AT-ST? Snow speeders, Speeder bike and more.

7.) Can you name a ship that can be piloted other than X-Wings and Tie-Fighters? Millennium Falcon and more.

Coming from DICE and their history with Battlefield, it’d be shocking if there weren’t a lot of playable vehicles in the game. The “and more” on the ship part could refer to some of the new ships revealed in The Force Awakens, such as Kylo Ren’s ship that we saw in the last teaser trailer.

Battlefront will release later this year and it should be playable at E3 next month. Expect a whole lot more on the game as we get closer to that show and we’ll be there to check it out.