Why That Leaked \’Civil War\’ Script is 100% Bogus


Captain America: Civil War has only been filming for a few days, and already someone claims to have leaked the script online. The problem is, this script leak is 100% fake. It’s a cool piece of fan fiction, but it flies against what Marvel has officially announced in terms of the cast of the film as well as some other things that show how bogus it is.

There are several red flags in this “script”, which make it easy to see that it’s fake:

  • Thunderbolt Ross isn’t in the script at all. When we know he’s in the movie, as Marvel officially announced it.
  • Likewise, Ant Man isn’t in the script. Marvel announced him for the movie as well.
  • The stuff about Hawkeye’s family being killed is almost directly cut and paste from the Ultimate Universe Laura Barton Wiki page.
  • Hawkeye killing Crossbones with four arrows (one each for his dead wife and kids) is the type of super-dark turn Marvel says they won’t do.
  • There’s no confrontation between Captain America and Crossbones, which we know happens due to some friendly Twitter taunting between the actors this week.
  • Peter Gyrich is another red flag. While the character was introduced in an Avengers comic, he’s been nearly exclusively tied to the Mutant side of things ever since, and was in the first X-Men movie. It’s possible Marvel/Fox jointly own him (and he could be Martin Freeman’s character), but it’s a stretch and a lucky guess by whoever made up the script.

If you want to read the whole bit of fan fiction, it’s in this thread on 4Chan.