George Lucas Says His Force Awakens \’Wasn\’t The Phantom Menace Again\’


george-lucasFollowing the release of the Vanity Fair issue about The Force Awakens, the internet is going through another George Lucas bashing phase based on one line in the article.

When discussing the differences between the version of The Force Awakens, the Vanity Fair writer claimed that George Lucas’ characters were teenagers and alluded to his version repeating the mistakes of The Phantom Menace. Except that is a bit deceptive on the part of the Vanity Fair writer in an attempt to get Prequel haters to buy the magazine, as Lucas himself disputed that idea last month.

In an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival, Lucas discussed the version of The Force Awakens that he was working on, and his own words disputes the “teenagers” comment from Vanity Fair and the idea that it was a repeat of The Phantom Menace:

“The original Saga was about the father, the children, and the grandchildren. That’s not a secret to anybody, it’s even in the novels and everything. The children were in the 20s and everything, so it wasn’t The Phantom Menace again.”

Those saying he was talking about Luke and Leia aren’t correct, as they were 18 in A New Hope. He’s talking about the “children” in his treatments being in their 20s.

Don’t believe it? You can see the interview with George Lucas right here where he says it’s not The Phantom Menace all over again: