The X-Files Revival Will Film in Canada


X-Files Revival Filming in CanadaSo far all of the news coming out of the X-Files revival has been things fans have wanted to hear, and now we know it’ll also be filmed in Canada.

Why is this a big deal? During the original run of The X-Files, production moved to Los Angeles midway through the series (after the first movie) and some fans felt that negatively affected the look of the show. Filming in Canada gave the series a gloomy look that fit The X-Files, and when it was moved to LA the better weather changed how the show looked.

A Tweet from Production Weekly confirms that The X-Files will be filming in the same place they originally did in the early 90s and even using the same office location:

X-FILES have opened offices back @ North Shore Studios in N. Vancouver, the 6 episodes plans to shoot June 8 – Aug 14

— Production Weekly (@prodweek) May 7, 2015


The filming dates mean that the six-episode series will most likely debut on Fox in January or February of 2016. We’re not far off from seeing the return of Mulder and Scully!