The Final Ant Man Poster is Revealed


Ant Man Poster

Despite the final trailer being out for a while, it took Marvel a bit longer to reveal the final Ant Man poster. Since Avengers came out in theaters this past weekend, it’s time for them to start focusing on the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and that means they released the new Ant Man poster today.

Even though Marvel has a thing for Photoshop posters, they usually try to make them look like artwork. The Ant Man poster is by far the worse where it’s just a bunch of floating heads pasted behind the costume. Really feels lazy compared to some of the other posters that at least seemed to have some effort put into them.

But a poster doesn’t ruin a movie, and Ant Man looks great. Scott Lang is a great character, so I can’t wait to see him introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Ant Man releases in July.