Lucasfilm Confirms an Indy 5 Will Happen


Lucasfilm Confirms Indy 5

While it will come as no surprise to most people, Lucasfilm has confirmed that an Indy 5 will eventually happen, just not right away.

As part of their big Star Wars: The Force Awakens issue, Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy told Vanity Fair:

Kennedy confirmed rumors that another Indy movie “will one day be made inside this company. When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it.”

This is just the latest in a long line of growing Indiana Jones news on the part of the new Lucasfilm. Most recently, there was a rumor that Disney wants Chris Pratt to take on the fedora and whip and most fans would be OK with that. Prior to that came the news that Disney worked out a deal with Paramount that would allow them to release a future Indiana Jones movie. So things are in motion, it just won’t happen any time soon.