Bruce Timm on Suicide Squad\’s Harley: \’So Far So Good\’


Harley Quinn Suicide SquadWhen the full cast picture of Suicide Squad was revealed this weekend, the Tumblr crowd revolted against Harley Quinn because she didn’t look like she did twenty-five years ago. Apparently some people on the internet have their minds locked in the 90s and fail the understand why a big budget movie would design their character after how they look in the current comic books.

In an interview at i09 with Bruce Timm (one of Harley’s creators) about his upcoming Justice League: Gods and Monsters animated movie, they asked him about the controversial version of Harley Quinn:

And you liked her in Suicide Squad?

I just saw the one shot of her in the group shot. So far so good.

There you have it, even the co-creator of the character doesn’t have issues with how she looks in Suicide Squad. As obviously he’s paid attention to her evolution over the past two decades (he praised her solo comic, for example) and realizes she doesn’t look like she did in a cartoon from the early 90s. The internet could learn a thing or two from him.