Bryan Singer Reveals Cyclops\’ Father…and It\’s All Wrong


Bryan Singer Reveals Cyclops Father
In a new Instagram post, Bryan Singer reveals the father of Cyclops and Havok in X-Men: Apocalypse and a major Mutant character is forgotten.

While I know there are fans of what Singer did with X-Men, the Summers father is one of the cooler characters in the Mutant side of Marvel, and it seems like someone didn’t inform Singer of this fact when casting the movie and writing the characters.

You can view Singer’s Instagram post here, that shows the elder Summers parents watching Apocalypse destroy the world on television. Except, those aren’t the parents of Cyclops and Havok X-Men fans know…

In the comics, Christopher and Katherine Anne Summers were flying in a plane with Scott and Alex when a Shi’ar starship attacked them. Cyclops and Havok grew up thinking their parents were dead, when in reality Christopher Summers became the leader of the Starjammers and took on the name of Corsair. He became an awesome space pirate, whose stories were told in the Starjammers comics in the 90s. Most recently Marvel has brought him back into the canon with the solo Cyclops series where young Cyclops from the 60s joins his dad in cosmic adventures.

But don’t tell Fox that. They want to ground X-Men in reality so some of the cooler characters get turned into AARP members and are nothing more than reaction people to the big effects scenes in the movie.