The Second Star Wars Anthology Film is Delayed to 2019


Star Wars Anthology

Yesterday’s removal of Josh Trank from the second Star Wars Anthology seems to have caused a delay in the film’s release date.

Originally Trank’s movie was going to be released in 2018. Lucasfilm was going to alternate the years between the Episodes and Anthology movies with Rogue One in 2016, Episode VIII in 2017, Trank’s movie in 2018, and then Episode IX in 2019. Variety is hearing from their sources that the second Anthology movie is now delayed until 2019.

This leaves no Star Wars in 2018, and Lucasfilm in an interesting position as to what to do in 2019.

Either they release the second Anthology in 2019 and delay Episode IX until 2020. Or they can do it the other way around and keep Episode IX in it’s 2019 date. Or, they can do what Marvel is doing and release two movies that year. Episode IX could come out in the May release date, and then the second Anthology can release in December.

However with Cameron’s Avatar sequels staking claim to the December release dates for 2017-2019 Disney may want to avoid cannibalizing the box office of a franchise they are spending millions on to put into their Florida theme parks. So it’s going to be very interesting to see how Lucasfilm deals with this delay, if it ends up to be true.