Superhero Fatigue? Age of Ultron Set to Shatter Records This Weekend


High-Res Age of Ultron Stills

As you can probably tell from the reviews, jaded critics are trying to shove a myth of “Superhero Fatigue” on a general public that’s laughing at the concept. From giving an anti-Superhero movie Best Picture to trying to tell the public they’re sick of the genre, Hollywood believes that by crafting a fake “Superhero Fatigue” narrative people will stop going to see movies they like and will instead see boring Oscar-bait films.

The initial success of Age of Ultron proves that Superhero Fatigue is a myth and these people are idiots.

Over Thursday night Avengers: Age of Ultron made $27.6 million. In comparison the first Avengers made $18.7 million and went on to be the third-highest grossing film of all time. The sequel is on track to match, if not beat, that lofty number.

So every time you see some snobby critic giving Age of Ultron a bad review and blaming it on Superhero Fatigue, just laugh in their face as there’s no such thing.