Friday Fanboy Debate: Live-Action Batman Vs Superman


Time for another Firday night debate. With Batman V Superman in the news recently due to the release of the trailer and the filming of Suicide Squad (not to mention the Joker) we had the idea to ponder who would win the fight in the live-action universe where they try to ground these movies in reality.


  • Has prep time.
  • Millions of dollars can buy some wonderful toys.
  • One of the most brilliant detective minds on Earth.
  • Can study an opponent’s weakness and plan ten moves in advance.


  • Has near invulnerability.
  • Can fly supersonic speeds on Earth and space.
  • Heat vision.
  • Ice breath.
  • Needs the yellow sun of Earth to replenish his power.

Blu-Ray Quality Batman V Superman Trailer


Blu-Ray Quality Batman V Superman Trailer

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