Crowds React to the Age of Ultron Post-Credits Scene


Age of Ultron Spider-Man Scene

Whedon and Feige have said that there is no post-credits stinger in Age of Ultron as they honestly couldn’t figure out anything better than the one in the first movie. You get the mid-credits one, and then that’s it, but there doesn’t mean people believed them.

Last night at the Thursday night showings around the country fans stayed all the way through the credits to see the post-credits stinger, and some even filmed it to hopefully get some YouTube kudus for being the first to post it online.

Except there’s nothing there, and the angry reaction to not seeing something after the credits is almost better than there not being a stinger. Below you’ll find a YouTube video of one crowd’s reaction to nothing coming up after the credits.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and want to know what the real mid-credits scene is, we have it described right here.