Age Of Ultron: What Worked and What Didn\’t


Age of Ultron Review

Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally here, and instead of doing a traditional review we decided to point out five things that worked really well in the movie as well as five things that just fell flat. There will be some spoilers within, so tread carefully if you haven’t yet seen Age of Ultron.

What Worked

The Vision


A major Avenger was introduced in Age of Ultron, and he was pulled off just about perfectly. Even with the changes to Ultron’s origin, they managed to still have Ultron create The Vision and his look is very accurate to the comic’s. How he comes up with his costume, and the mutual respect between him and Thor is so awesome I’d love to see a Thor/Vision buddy movie where they go into space and meet Beta Ray Bill. They even gave Scarlet Witch/Vision fans a little something in the movie.

The Banner/Natasha Plot

High-Res Age of Ultron Stills

When rumors came out of a Black Window/Hulk romance, many people rolled their eyes as it is a very pandering “Whedon” thing to do with the characters. Many fans had flashbacks of Worf/Troi in Star Trek: TNG. But it worked a lot better than most thought in the beginning. In the MCU the two make sense together and it shows how much better the Hulk works in an ensemble than solo. Hopefully the Russo Bros don’t abandon this plot.

The Twins

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People like to praise Quicksilver in his one scene in Days of Future Past, but the Maximoffs are handled infinitely better in Age of Ultron. For one thing, they actually have the accents they’re supposed to! Even in her massively depowered state, Wanda was great and the powers she did have worked pretty cool. I just wish Whedon didn’t do to Quicksilver what he did.

Ultron’s Character

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There are issues with Ultron’s look, which will be discussed later, but they got his character right. His first couple scenes felt a little off, but once Spader hit his stride it was the Ultron from the comics.

The Action

High-Res Age of Ultron Stills

From the opening tracking shot that tried to out-do the one in the first movie to the final battle at the end with all of the Avengers vs the Ultrons, the action in the movie delivered. And then there’s the Hulkbuster fight, which delivered on what it promised. Basically Age of Ultron lives up to the lofty heights established by the first movie.